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Our goal is to ensure that all club members are on track to graduate from high school with a plan for the future. And our programs deliver!
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The Boys & Girls Clubs of Durham & Orange Counties has been providing children with a safe place to have fun, develop character, and discover their talents, with an increased focus on:

Healthy Lifestyles

Character & Leadership Development

Academic Success

Healthy Lifestyles

Character & Leadership Development

Academic Success

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After School Programs

Our After-School program occurs every weekday throughout the traditional school year calendar. Through activities that are both educational and fun, the After-School program helps youth achieve academic success and develop life skills. 

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Serving 150 youth every day through our after-school program and over 300 youth during our summer camp and athletic programming.

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Our process is proven. Take a look at how our clubs impact the success of kids in your community!


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